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Fandom: Breakfast Club
Pairing: Andy/Bender
Rating: 18
Warnings: Unpretty
Words: 750
Summary: Prompt 'adulthood.' Andrew Clark stops for a drink in a bar.

The Man Most Likely To

Andrew Clark studied the hands of his Rolex whilst clicking his fingers at the nameless, faceless bartender. He had enough time to sink a few more shots before heading back to his suburban mansion, complete with trophy wife and perfect children.

Tugging at the cuffs of his expensive striped shirt he adjusted the knot of his expensive silk tie then, brushing the fluff from his expensive camel overcoat, he ordered a bottle of the most expensive single malt they had. It cost thirty bucks and was a watered down blend.

“So, tell me, Andy, did you ever get to ball Claire?” The nameless, faceless bartender stared impudently out from behind the counter, smirking with pleasure at the obvious discomfort he was causing. Popping the lid of a beer on the jaws of a metal opener, he rested the lip of the bottle against his half-open mouth. “Or did she stay a tease all her life?” he continued, breath whistling in and out of the glass neck.

Andrew looked once, looked twice at the tattooed pierced deadbeat who’d been serving him drinks for the last hour but came up empty. There was something about that voice though: something that started off a nervous tic at the corner of his left eye.

“Do I know you?” he asked, his voice breaking a little from this unexpected fear that was crawling up his oesophagus and trying to escape.

“We were at Shermer High School. I’d say together, but you were way out of my league.”

Now Andrew had him pinned. The sarcasm, the ever present chip on his shoulder meant that it couldn’t be anyone but John Bender.

“Bender, look at you. Doing better for yourself than Principal Vernon ever expected.” Andrew laughed at his own joke. “Or the janitor for that matter. What was his name?”


Andrew smiled. “Carl. Yeah. That was one crazy day,” he said, filling his shot glass from the bottle and downing it in a gulp.

“What was?”

“That Saturday detention.” Andrew laughed at the insane memories. “I wonder what happened to Vernon after he left Shermer.”

Bender smiled and as he swallowed a mouthful of beer his tongue darted out to rim the opening of the bottle. Andrew couldn’t help but watch the passage of that wet pink organ as it slow danced in circles over the glass. Shivering slightly, he gulped down the liquor that was pushed toward him across the greasy surface of the bar.

“I need to go home,” he said as John Bender filled him up again.

“Your loss, Andy.”

The nameless faceless bartender looked at him through the airless atmosphere and, all of a sudden, Andrew Clark knew that leaving would be something he’d live to regret.

And so he didn’t.


Bender had a habit of licking his lower lip, metal in his mouth clicking against perfect teeth as he worked the full redness that swelled to his attentions. Andrew discovered that he wanted to fuck that mouth more than he ever wanted to fuck his fat wife’s plump vagina.

And so he did.


“What d'you want, Andy?” Bender asked as they staggered up wooden stairs into a dim lit room.

Andrew Clark pushed John Bender up against peeling paint. “I want your smart mouth on my dick,” he said and his head ached with expectation when the man dropped to his knees.

Bender sucked cock like a pro, taking all of Andrew inside and then swallowing him down like a glutton, that tiny metal nipple working him to frenzied levels in less than a minute. Scraping and suckling, Bender pushed Andrew so close to an instant come that he had to arch every muscle in his body, from tiptoe to rope cord neck, in order to hold back the flow. Keening, he dug his manicured fingernails into inked skin that leaked out of that watery black muscle shirt and then, with a dry helpless shudder, he fucked John Bender’s wet mouth hard until the final few drops of spunk squeezed out of his balls. It was a perfect orgasm.

Bender stood upright, flexing cramped muscles. “You never said if you screwed Claire?” He licked smears of jizz from his swollen lower lip.

Andrew wondered if he should pay him. “I screwed her and then I married her,” he said with an arrogant smirk. “You never said if you knew what happened to Principal Vernon.”

“I fucked him and then I killed him,” answered Bender, his back against the apartment door and his dark eyes glinting like steel.



Jan. 19th, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
::smishes you::

Breakfast Club is possibly my favourite movie of all time... (being of a certain age. :)


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